Research Weekly - Site Selector Perceptions of Utah

When a company considers moving or expanding to a new location they often hire a site selector to assist them in the process. EDCUtah, with the support of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, recently surveyed site selectors to get their thoughts on Utah. Here are five highlights.

1. Site selectors are visiting Utah more than in the past

Site selectors who have visited Utah are more likely to recommend the state to a client. Since 1993 the number of site selectors who have visited Utah has increased.

2. Site selectors are recommending Utah more today than in the past

89% of site selectors have considered Utah for a project, compared to just 72% in 2013.

3. Site selectors recognize Utah has a low cost of doing business

When asked to rank Utah’s performance in 13 different categories, Utah ranked highest in the following categories:

a. Competitive Labor Costs

b. Low Overall Tax Burden

c. Low Construction Costs

d. Competitive Incentives / Tax Exemptions

e. Low Utility Costs 

​4. Site Selectors understand the value of the Utah workforce

When asked in an open-ended question regarding Utah’s strengths, site selectors mentioned the following most frequently:

a. Educated / quality workforce

b. Business-friendly government / environment

c. Quality of life

5. Site selectors feel that Utah has a great business climate

When asked to rank the business climate of eight Western states on a scale of 1 - 5, site selectors ranked Utah number one.

Source: EDCUtah primary research 
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