News: June 2016

Research Weekly - Brexit, How it Will Affect Utah

On June 23, 2016 Britain held a referendum to determine whether the country would remain a part of the European Union (EU), a collection of European counties who have entered into an economic and political union aimed at fostering cooperation between the countries for

New FAA Rules on Drone Use Could Help Local Businesses

SALT LAKE CITY — Local businesses Tuesday had generally positive responses to new federal regulations regarding the use of unmanned aircraft.

Industrial Supply Company Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary

Industrial Supply Company is celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year. The company has a year-long series of events planned to mark the occasion and thank its customers in the mining, construction, aerospace, energy, utilities and manufacturing industries.

The Best of Zion National Park

In the 1860s, Mormon pioneers settled in what is now known as Zion National Park in southern Utah. When they arrived they thought it to be so beautiful, holy with its towering natural cathedrals made of rock, that they called it Zion, a nod to Little Zion found in scripture in the Bible’s Old Testament. To them, it was a sacred dwelling.

Utah Recognized as a Star in Foreign Investment Attraction

Most discussions about attracting foreign investment to Canada quickly focus on the size of incentives offered by governments and whether they are a good deal for taxpayers. But the reality is that incentives to companies are only one part of a larger strategy.

Powdr. Corp. Hopes to Create an Action-Sports Facility in Park City

The Snyderville Basin-based company Powdr. Corp. has resurrected its plans to expand Gorgoza Park with an indoor/outdoor action-sports facility: Woodward Park City.

Salt Lake County Looks to Boost Foreign Investment

Salt Lake County is one of six U.S. metropolitan areas selected to develop a regional plan to attract foreign direct investments.

Press Ganey to Invest $11 Million and Hire 97 for New Production Site

Press Ganey and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) announced that the health care performance improvement company will open a production operation site in Utah, adding up to 97 jobs to the community and producing an expected capital investment of $11 million.

SnowSports Industries America to Move Headquarters to Utah

Salt Lake City—The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) announced Friday that SnowSports Industries America (SIA) will move their headquarters to Utah.

And the Winner is...Sandy City (again!)

Should it come as a surprise to any EDCUtah investors and friends that the Sandy City team of Kasey Dunlavy, Nick Duerksen, Kyle Fielding and Randy Sant topped the leader board yet again in EDCUtah’s annual Golf for Grants Tournament? 


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