Social Media Analytics Company NUVI Moves to Lehi, Powered in Part by Athlete Staff

Hundreds of Spectators enter the building for a tour during the ribbon cutting of a larger headquarters for NUVI, a social media giant in Draper on Wednesday, May 11, 2016. Sammy Jo Hester, Daily Herald

NUVI, a local company relatively unheard of in Utah County circles, is actually one of those companies that has heard of you, or someone like you.

NUVI is a social media analytics company now headquartered in Lehi, just south of Thanksgiving Point. With only 120 employees currently, it’s not a giant corporation yet, but its reach is national and international, and is on track to grow into one of the big players in social media data.

NUVI has created a platform that captures social media data and analyzes it for business clients, allowing those clients to see how their brand is trending on social media. Companies, from mom-and-pop establishments to Fortune 500 corporations, use NUVI analytics to monitor their social media presence in real time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Delicious, Reddit, WordPress blogs, and more than 20 million RSS feeds.

“For research, marketing and customer relations, being able to ‘listen in’ on conversations and understand the sentiment around a position, a product, or policy is like working with a focus group every day,” said Cameron Jensen, NUVI CEO. “Being able to locate, see, understand, and act by identifying trends early and joining in on the conversation at the right moment is critical.”

NUVI’s platform has quickly garnered partnerships with more than 1,200 companies, organizations and higher education institutions both locally and abroad. Two universities, Illinois State University and the University of Texas, use NUVI in their own social media analytics, but also within their curriculum — training their students in data analytics and strategy implementation.

“Social media is so relevant today. Everyone is monitoring it. You have to, to be successful,” Jensen said.

NUVI started in 2011 in Salt Lake City with just four employees. It’s grown exponentially since then, necessitating six different relocations over the past five years, until finally settling into its new Lehi building last month. There is room to grow in the building, so Jensen said they hope to stay there for a long time. NUVI isn’t looking to grow exponentially just for growth sake, but to grow “sustainably.”


A lot of NUVI’s growth and focus has been organic, as employees grow into new positions or responsibilities. Many that started part time, now have full-time management jobs within the company.

“They say you sometimes have to take a leap and learn to build your wings on the way down,” said Keith Nellesen, NUVI chairman and founder, at Wednesday’s ribbon cutting event for the Lehi location. “That’s what we do here. I don’t think there’s anyone here who hasn’t had a chance to grow.”

Most of NUVI’s employees are software engineers or a part of the company’s sales team, and many of them are former college athletes, hailing from Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University. NUVI executives were joined by representatives from both schools Wednesday, including UVU President Matthew S. Holland.

“Keith is very involved in those universities, so when things like this happen, they come out to support him. We have a lot of athletes in our sales department, because they tend to do well in our team culture. They accept ‘Noes’ and failure well, recover, and do well in sales,” Jensen said Wednesday.

Jensen said, from the company’s position in the middle of Silicon Slopes, they hope to continue to recruit high-quality talent from the Salt Lake area in the north down through the Provo area. He guessed that by year’s end they’ll already need to add at least 10 more employees to their team.

“Even more than the building, I see all the work that went into this company. That resonates with me. I’m excited about the future,” Jensen said.

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