IM Flash Technologies Fosters Innovation in the Beehive State

"Today we have some of the most advanced technology in the world - our research and development causes physics and chemist text books to be rewritten because of what they do," said Stan Lockahrt, Manager of IM Flash Technologies. 
The innovation at IM Flash is impressive, but what they are building is crucial to our everyday lives. IM Flash produces NAND flash memory for use in consumer electronics, removable storage and handheld communication devices. 
You can save more thanks to this Utah company. 
"It's almost implausible that we haven't touched your life in some way with how you store that information," said Lockhart. 
IM Flash is semi conductor company founded back in 2006 by Intel and Micron. While they are leading the field in their own industry, their foot print of impact is even bigger as they have lead the way in Utah's business growth. 
"We are one of the largest exporters in the state - maybe the largest - and that's a big deal when you can sell product outside the state and bring in money for our local economy,' said Lockhart. 
IM Flash employs more than 1600 people in their Utah County facility. 
"We have access to wonderful team members and workers in the Salt Lake and Utah area," said Blalock. 
More than that they are helping to train the future of workers here in Utah. They go into schools and push their science, technology, engineering and math programs. 
"There are a lot of people out there who have these skills, but we always need more.  In the 21st century - technology is what's going to drive our economy," said Lockhart. 
It's all in an effort to ensure that they will have employees to keep the innovation going in Utah County. IM Flash, Made4Utah company, not only changing Utah, but the world. 
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