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High Tech in the Crossroads of the West

  • Utah is a hub to all major western cities and states, as well as a central point for distribution between the Canada and Mexico borders. Two major interstates (I-80 and I-15) and all three major rail lines leaving Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles ports meet in Salt Lake City. 
  • Utah has a young, educated, and growing workforce, with one of the highest population growth rates in the nation. Utah is also the youngest state in the nation with a median age of 30.6 years old, and on average enrolls over 212,000 students per year in higher education. 
  • Utah is well known for its pro-business climate. Companies benefit from energy costs that are 26% below the national average and third lowest in the U.S. Utah was ranked 1st as the “Best States for Business” by Forbes Magazine for six of the last nine years. 


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